Thursday, 28 February 2013

Just scraping by.

Only having a few minutes here and there where I feel like I can do art. 5 to 10 minutes is better than nothing I suppose.
This is a class from life book  scales of light. In case you can’t tell that is a drawing of my baby in the corner based on ultrasound pictures (see last week). I don’t think this is ‘good’ but I love it. Was fun and I love that baby made it in to my art.
And this is just a 10 minute doodle in front of the TV. On tissue paper just some thing other then plain paper.  

Friday, 15 February 2013

The big secret revealed …..

Yeah so the big news is I'm pregnant with are first child. Bit of a shock but me and my husband couldn’t be happier.

This sometimes means that I get tired early in the evening and that’s why I haven’t been making much art. I have been told that I should stop being so sick and tired in the next few weeks so hopefully I will get back on top of things soon.
Here is my attempt a whimsy.  She’s painted on cheap drawing paper that caused a whole load of problems even after a healthy helping of gesso. Note to self stop being so cheap.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

An unexpected, unwanted brake.

I haven’t been up too much art lately, can’t really talk about why yet but hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more in 2 weeks’ time. Exited!
Any way this means that I'm really far behind in my art classes and projects.
This is week 2 from lifebook. I don’t like it at all but at least its pushing me to try new things.

Week 3 life book the tin foil flowers  again I'm not found of this page but it’s something new to try.
And this is some homework for a ‘class’ called angles in Architecture. This class feels a lot more like a project then a class but so far I'm enjoying it.  
Now if you will excuse me I have a lot of neglected art blogs to catch up on. Will make more of an effort to post soon.