Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Photo transfer .

We have all been full of cold so there has not been much time for art.
Just as a note I will take teething over a cold with my son any day of the week.
My painting sold last week for 50 dollars! Whoop I'm so pleased with that 50 dollars to a good cause and  I get to say i have sold some work.
Playing with a photo transfer  (photo is a holiday snap of my husband) in my journal this week. Love how its come out grungy and stuff. It was the first time have tried transfers might use it again but its not my normal style so we shall see.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Jessica Sporn is hosting an art auction to raise money for Girl Risingin support of global education for girls. This is obviously in reaction to 200+ girls that were taken in Nigeria. I am donating a 8x8 canvas to the action.

I have never 'sold' my work before but i really wanted to do this. (you can bid hear.)

I don't normally talk about my process ether but for this one I  will make an exception. 

I started by writing as many girls names I could think of, its only by a accent of birth that this is not your daughter (or mine) I wanted the names to represent every girl, any girl!

Then I prettied it up to mark to represent distracting are self so I don't notice the horrible things that happen in the world. 

Lastly I panted the woman making her eye's was really emotional for me. Can I really ignore there plight when she is looking right at me? 

I will be posting on the day of the auction as well but i thought  I would publish this video as well to get more eyes on the sight. More eyes more money raised in my view. 

Please consider buying something(even if its not mine) or donating directly let some goodness come out of this dreadful thing that has happened.   

Get more information hear and hear 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New speed video!

I made a video of one of my pages. The face I panted over is just a photo copy (on copy paper) of a sketch I did, self portrait. I am  really happy with how the page went.