Saturday, 29 December 2012

Exited much!!! life book 2013

 Late last night I signed up for life book 2013. You can find out all you need to know on

I chose this class for 3 main reasons. 1, it’s a yearlong class. Whoop a whole year of stuff to look forward to. 2, I really like the idea of there being so many teachers involved I assume this will mean I will see many different styles and ways of doing things. 3, there seems to be a big online community I'm really interested in seeing what other people produce when give the same lessons.

An extra Christmas present.  (I also got a spirograph how cool is that??)
So this is in memory of my cat who died 4 years ago. It does not feel that long ago. I have been missing him a lot recently he was always so lovely so snuggle with when I was unwell and in pain. Its just a sketch on the back of one of my other drawings from a earlier post

This is because sometimes I feel like I ask for help and people don’t understand. (Yes it is wrote backwards) not very good artistically but I enjoyed getting out all the stormy colours.

And this is because I am promising myself more time to relax and do me things. So started out a bit sad but ended up happy and positive this week.

Looking forward to 2013 J

Sunday, 23 December 2012

It is beginning to feel not like Christmas.

Had some bad news this week been very upset and not feeling  the spirit of the season. This is my favourite time of year normally.  

My glasses are broken and crying (or at least that’s what I'm attempting to create)

In other less depressing news I have been doing zentangles .

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Holiday Art

So I have been away on a holiday, it was a very last minute thing we (me and my husband) booked a flight and went to find winter sun. Very much needed. Very relaxing.  I took some pens and some water soluble crayons and this some of the art I made while on holiday.

The sunsets from are balcony were beautiful this was on are first night. I got lots of photos and I’m going to paint some more.  

This is a portrait of my husband I’m really proud of it as it actually looks like him! I think that means I’m improving.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Sunflowers are king.

This is not my submission for Fall Fearless and Fly #5 my favourite colour is purple all ways has been so that was easy. Lifelong fan was a bit harder I was trying to think who did I admire as a child? I would love it to have said something like, a Doctor a teacher or a fire-fighter. Someone who has done something and made a difference saved a life. But honestly it never entered my mind when I was young that I should admire those people. So when I stopped looking for a whom I found a what. Sunflowers I would plant them in my mums garden much to her dismay (she’s not a fan) be the worst gardener in the world and I would get a 7 foot tall sunflower.  They grow no matter what there so defiant there not delicate there strong and demand your attention I love that.

I didn’t use the quote it just didn’t speak to me so I didn’t use it.

Not a fan of this candle page just something random I did while watching TV.  
Feeling better  so hopeful will have time for art this week.