Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trying out new things this week.

First I have been trying to create a translucent face but I end up adding to many layers. I think I was fairly successful with is girl. She is a mixture of acrylic and coloured pencils something else I have been trying to do. My pen broke while I was doing the writing that’s why it look so sloppy but over all I'm happy with her.
This is just an experiment I did in the tiny art journal with masking fluid and a ink pad. Love the way this looks I really want to develop this further…..
Baby has been keeping me awake most night (just can’t get comfy and the back pain no one warns you about the back pain!!) so I have taken to creating at silly o’clock to distract me from how tired I am. Oh well least I'm finding some time for my art.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My little book of sanity.

I didn’t think I would use my tiny art journal much, I had doubts about working on such a small scale.
But in fact I use it a lot almost daily. Especially at the moment, I haven’t been feeling well or getting much sleep so it’s nice to have a little project to work on in bed when I can’t sleep or just when I have the TV on.

I fund I'm not s fussy if I try something and it doesn’t work, or ill try something and mentality pin it for a ‘real’ page when I feel better.

Who knew a tiny book could be so saving? Do you ever have that problem of wanting everything to be ‘good’ art? How do u fix it?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Small art journal and healing art.

I haven’t been feeling very well this week and had a lot of stress , so I  haven’t had time to do much art. Been sort of piling it in the past 48 hours to try and catch up.

I finished this painting this week it’s meant to be a self-portrait of me as a child. A bit of self-prescribed healing art.  I'm really pleased with how she came out.
I also have just finished this little art journal. This is for one of Jennibellie’s tutorials I want to have something small I can work on when the baby’s born I made this now to see if I like it. Put it in my bag and see if its gets used. Not sure if it’s to small…. Think I will finish the cover when its complete.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Meditation creating art.

For a life book class we had to try a guided mediation which felt a bit odd if I'm being honest.
It was about being grounded and the symbol that was used was stepping in to a tree and feeling strong and at one with the world.
After the mediation I made a quick sketch and of a face within a tree, when I got around to it I made tree lady!
She’s has been made using only two colours, back and pink,(bit of white gesso is hiding in there but o don’t think that counts).  That was also a prompt from life book I just smashed the two together.
I'm not overly found of the drawing/[painting but I did enjoy the whole process and it something I wouldn’t have come up with without the mediation so I might be looking in to trying a few more guided meditations.