Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Putting myself out there….

I have been art journaling and smashing for a while now offline, reading a lot of blogs watching a lot of YouTube. Learning and trying things now I feel it’s the right time to put myself out there. This is my blog.

I know that I’m far from a good artist but I have a lot of fun trying.


Here are some of the people/ websites I have been looking at and being inspired by.

and many many more.

 Writing is a bit smudged on this on this umbrella one I should fix that….
This last one (the face) I drew with my ink pads. I totally stole this idea from Jennibellie . I didn’t have the tear shaped ink pads so I improvised with some small square ones I love how it looks . so simple but so different .


  1. Welcome to Blogland! We're all just trying, developing our art as we go along:) You might like the challenge at http://artistsinblogland.blogspot.com.au
    Everyone is so supportive and encouraging.

    1. thanks so much I think i will take that challenge.:)