Monday, 3 December 2012

Sunflowers are king.

This is not my submission for Fall Fearless and Fly #5 my favourite colour is purple all ways has been so that was easy. Lifelong fan was a bit harder I was trying to think who did I admire as a child? I would love it to have said something like, a Doctor a teacher or a fire-fighter. Someone who has done something and made a difference saved a life. But honestly it never entered my mind when I was young that I should admire those people. So when I stopped looking for a whom I found a what. Sunflowers I would plant them in my mums garden much to her dismay (she’s not a fan) be the worst gardener in the world and I would get a 7 foot tall sunflower.  They grow no matter what there so defiant there not delicate there strong and demand your attention I love that.

I didn’t use the quote it just didn’t speak to me so I didn’t use it.

Not a fan of this candle page just something random I did while watching TV.  
Feeling better  so hopeful will have time for art this week.

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