Saturday, 5 January 2013

Best 2013 ever!

So, so far this year (5 days in) 2013 has been brilliant. Way better than 2012. So glad to have a fresh start.

I told you in my last post I was starting Lifebook 2013. I'm really enjoying it. We had a warm up project then a main project this week ‘celebration & journey ‘.  Where we were meant to make some art to represent are journey through 2013. We are supposed to write on are resolutions but also what we have to empower us now.   

 I decided to do a hot air balloon and sky lanterns as on New Year’s Eve we write are hopes or wishes for the year (we had amazing news on New Year’s Day which fulfilled one of our wishes, unable to tell you right now but I will as soon as I can) I don’t think I want to write on it. What do you think?
 I have had lots of time this week to do art so I have picked my favourites for my blog.
This was inspired by a long walk I went on with my husband we got lost in the woods and then we saw a deer being chased by a tiny dog. It was worth getting lost and dirty. (my husband thinks this looks more like a dog….I think he might be right)
This was an attempt at abstract flowers. I don’t  really like it but I did have a lot of fun getting messy on this page.
This is a cave I think…it’s just an abstract place some place safe.


 I hope everyone is having an amazing 2013, happy New Year!!

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  1. I really like the balloons and lanterns, definitely looks likes hopes & wishes afloat for the new year - lovely. Not sure about words, it's a beautiful piece of art as it is.