Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I'm back!!!

 I have been away for such a long time I started to feel like I can’t come back. I now to my own blog how messed up is that?
I started making deals with myself when I have made something that is really really really good then I can come back, but that’s just silly so I'm back now.
My baby boy was born on the 19/8/13 a little early and he was not very well for a little bit but now I have a happy healthy bundle of joy and I couldn’t love him more. I can never describe how much I love my son. 

I worked really hard copying a photo , I think it looks like him I'm so pleased with it. But then again who could draw/paint my baby boy and not make him super cute!

Yep that’s a sketch I did while he was breastfeeding sorry. 

I'm thinking of doing a art journal flip soon. have a full catch up on most things i have been doing art wise (not that much). Its not all baby related mush i promise.....

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  1. You're supposed to be mushy about your children! And they're just so adorable when you're breastfeeding how could you not sketch him? Though I have to say, I was just completely washed out at that stage and art was not on the agenda :) Enjoy him because they grow so quickly.