Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A family portrait and a few WIP.

So I still love the Kat McBride technique of painting faces. I have two to share I  think they are both still WIP. I'm don’t want to spoil them anymore.
Step away from the paint.
This girls hair got a bit out of control to say the least. Its meant to look like its blowing back in the wind, but instead it looks like she is a bit of a hairspray addict.  Needs work.
This is my attempt at a folk art angel, it was a clean-up back round form some gelli prints and originally I wanted the background to show threw the painting but it didn’t work out like that now she has random bits of colour on her face. Again needs more work.
And then there is this family as currently is (although I hope I'm not that big yet!) after I did the wedding picture last week I knew I wanted to paint us. I don’t this its as good as the first one but I do love it. Mummy Daddy and bump. Oh and in case you’re interested we found out we are having a boy!! Baby names needed!!

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