Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'm an art making machine.

So this week I have had really good health 90% of the time so I have been able to make art almost every day!!
I'm so happy. Not all of the work I have produced has been a masterpiece, but I do feel as though I have progressed leaps and bounds this week.
I highly recommend Kat McBride as a teacher.
Here is some of the work I have done this week.
Both of these are ‘homework’ from my life book class. The painting over a photo was a lot harder then I thought I just couldn’t get it to look right. (It’s a self-portrait from one of my wedding day pics in case you’re interested)
The heart connections class I made a lot of mess and I'm not happy with the outcome. Still fun trying.
This is a quick purple face that I did I was quite happy with it at the end of last week, but now I see all the flaws. But never mind because……..

 I made this! Yes me! With a litter guidance from Kat McBride face painting class. I'm so proud of it, yes she is a WIP needs better hair and her eyes look like they have no lashes, But I'm still super happy with her. She didn’t even take that long for a masterpiece (about two hours the last painting I loves this much took 5 hours). Love love love it!

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